About Our Company

Expansive Minds was the dream and is now the business reality of the founders of NewMarket Services.

Since 1989, NewMarket Services has been the undisputed leader in the provision of global relocation and travel information. As the only publisher of both print and digital relocation and travel guides, covering 127 cities worldwide, our information has reached and assisted over 30 million people. In this process we have assisted over 2000 major corporations and 45 military bases with their personnel’s relocation and travel needs.

“Expansive Minds Vision is to create the best value for everyone who visits our site.”

As a starting point, we will use our base of 30 years of industry experience and existing relocation and travel information for 127 cities worldwide to offer visitors a continuing and never ending stream of valuable information.

We also make the following pledges
That we will continually add value for visitors to our site.

In a world full of travel and relocations benefits we will assist our members in taking advantage of the best opportunities available.