Moving Day

Early on moving day, reserve a large place for the moving truck to park. Mark off an area with cones or chairs. If you need to obtain parking permission from your apartment complex manager or the city, do so in advance.

Before work starts, walk through the house with the movers and describe the loading order. Show them items you intend to transport yourself. You should have these items grouped in an area prior to the movers arriving. Remain on site to answer the movers’ questions and to provide special instructions.

Walk through your home and make sure that everything was loaded. Make sure you have the keys to your new home.

Remember that professional movers expect to be paid in full before your goods are unloaded. Check for damage, as items are unloaded and report any problems right away.

Unless the company’s policy prohibits the acceptance of gratuities, it is customary to tip each mover. $20 is a good amount; you may want to tip more or less based on the service you received.

If you are moving yourself and getting help from friends, make sure you create a task list. Be sure to have everything packed before your help arrives. It is natural for people to work in pairs, but you should consider each person’s physical ability and health status. Plan to provide beverages and food for your volunteers. Load the truck according to the directions your truck rental agency gave you, and make sure that you understand how to operate and drive the rental truck before you leave the agency.