One Week Before

Confirm any travel plans or reservations.

Finish packing and make sure all boxes are clearly labeled.

Subscribe to the local newspaper and visit the Chamber of Commerce in your new city for additional community information.

Change of Address Notification: You will need to notify the Postal Service that you are moving. It is now possible to do so without visiting the post office. Go to website listed above. For the fee of $1.00 you may fill out the address change information online and receive an email confirmation. Or you may choose to print the form and mail it to your local post office. US Postal Service,

Notify IRS: You will also need to notify the IRS that you have moved. This will ensure you receive your IRS refund and/or any other correspondence. To change your address with the IRS, complete a Form 8822 (PDF), Address Change Request. This is available on the IRS website.IRS,