Two Weeks Before

Notify Phone Company: Your new local phone company should be notified of your move no sooner than 30 business days prior to move, and no later than 5 business days before moving. The service representative will run a quick credit check and assign you a new telephone number.

Notify Utilities: The electric and gas service companies should be contacted at least two weeks before your move. The old service will need your move out date and you should request the return of any deposits at this time. The new service will need your move in date to determine when service will be turned on or transferred to your name. You can inquire if they have a billing plan to balance out of season differences by paying a set amount each month. If moving into an apartment, check with the property manager to see if service was left on before you call the utility companies. Write down the emergency numbers to call in event of a problem or outage.

Banks: (checking accounts, investments, etc.): Before you move to your new city, make sure all existing accounts in your old bank are closed. Find a new bank to fill your personal needs and open accounts, order checks and obtain direct deposit forms if applicable.

Find a new doctor and dentist and have your family’s medical records transferred to them.

Refill any prescription medications which must be taken regularly and arrange to have those prescriptions transferred to your new city.

Arrange to register your children in their new school(s). Contact their current school(s) to have their records forwarded.