One Month Before

Take Inventory. Decide what to keep and what to get rid of.

Reserve a rental truck or select a moving company. Look for rental trucks and moving companies in local brochures, yellow pages, or through your rental agent/ real estate broker.

Make a moving file for important documents, such as family medical and dental records, school records, legal documents and titles, banking and financial statements, stock and bond certificates, tax returns, birth certificates and insurance documents. Include all receipts – many expenses are tax deductible.

Make any car rental, airline or hotel arrangements.

Gather moving supplies such as boxes, tape, bubble wrap and paper for wrapping.

Post Office: A week before you move, you should stop by your local post office to fill out a change of address cards. Correspondence cards are also available to send to various companies such as credit card companies, magazine publishers and any other organizations that should be informed of your move. The mail will be forwarded to your new home for a full year. After a year, the mail will be returned to the sender with your new address stamped on it. You can get an official change form at the local post office or on the Internet at

Credit Card Companies: Immediately notify all your credit card companies of your move. Keeping an individual file on each one makes this process much easier. We suggest using the correspondence cards offered at the post office in addition to requesting in writing that they send you a letter of confirmation. It is also recommended to make a follow up call.

Purchase Insurance: If you are moving from out of state and are insured by a fairly large company, they will most likely have an office in the city you are moving to. If you need to find a new company, it is important to get homeowners insurance at least one month before the move. Those moving to an apartment need to contact the insurance company two weeks before the move. If you have large amounts of jewelry and/or furs coats it’s important to contact the agency as soon as possible since you will be needing additional coverage